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Markus and his team have been invited to many Premier League football and rugby teams, teaching Myofascial Taping and working on „problem“ players. Markus also has run many courses for National Sport Institutes and practitioners, including therapists at the health sector and over 30 UK national teams. Here are some of them... …Manchester City FC, Aston Villa FC, Wigan Athletics FC, Cardiff City FC, Norwich City FC, London Wasps Rugby, London Irish Rugby, Northampton Saints Rugby, England Football, England Hockey, England Rugby, Scotland Rugby, England Track and Field, England Judo, British Cycling, Sky Team Cycling, England Trampolin, England Badminton, England Kayak, England Gymnasics … More references and articles will come soon... Markus Erhard und sein Lehrteam wurden von vielen Erstligavereinen im...[mehr]



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