On 7./8. Februar 2105 - the 1st international Fascia Summit takes place in Munich.

Next to lectures on „Anatomy Trains in Training“ (Thomas Myers) and „Fascial tone and Tensegrity“ (Dr. Robert Schleip) there will be Hands-On Workshops including „Fascial workout", „Myofascial Taping“ (Markus Erhard), „Body Reading“ (Thomas Myers), „New Directions in Myofascial Release“ (Dr. Michael Cohen) and much more. Here you find the complete programme: fasziensummit.de/programm/









Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard in-house training 
for the MDs, physiotherapists, osteopaths and athletic coaches at the German Football Bundes League club 1. FSV Mainz 05 on January 4th 2015.

4 players came to be treated by Markus Erhard during the in-house training for the medical team of the German Bundesliga Club, 1. FSV Mainz 05.

Some have had dysfunctions and pain that have persisted for a longer period of time already. Some have had acute myofascial pain due to injuries.
Right after Markus has treated them with his Myofascial Taping method, all their movements have been powerful, controlled, and pain free! 

The intensive effect that Myofascial Taping creates comes in a split of a second due to the right work with the fascial receptors and the differentiated work with the mechanical properties of the fascia.

One player was Julian Baumgartlinger, midfielder at Mainz 05 and the Austrian national team.
Single leg squats were inhibited and painful at the outside of the knee due to a high fascial tension. 

After a brief specific diagnostic and a couple of myofascial release techniques according to Markus Erhard, the fascial tension of the lower lateral line, the superficial front line and the superficial back line have been normalized and the movement was well coordinated, powerful and pain free again. 

A common sign if the taping works usually is the reaction of the patients and athletes. They just can’t believe it and start to smile, laugh and cheer and such.

Altogether, the diagnostics and the treatment took less than 15 minutes. The result was highly effective and impressive for all participants and players.

It was a really successful and fun workshop they said.

All the best for the rest of the season.

Thanks for the trust and inviting me again for another Myofascial Taping workshop during the summer break.